When Did Digital Marketing Take Over?

February, 01, 2017

Does it seem like you woke up one morning and everything was focused on digital marketing? Of course, the industry has been growing for well over a decade. With rise of Internet mass use, digital marketing grabbed a toehold and wouldn’t let go. Now, it’s the hottest type of marketing and has led to an emerging industry of professionals.

But what propelled it to such incredible fame?

As with most answers — and relationships on social media — it’s complicated. However, there are more than a few indicators that led to its rise..

Everyone Started Using Smart Phones and Tablets

It’s difficult to go anywhere without seeing people on their smart phones — and they’re not just texting or talking. They’re browsing the Internet, reading news articles, shopping, searching for the closest coffee shop, and paying their garbage bills.

To grab their attention, companies need to meet them where they’re most active: online.

Digital marketing can give you the opportunity to get an audience with your target market on their mobile devices. That’s one of the reasons it’s so formidable.

We Moved to a Digital Society

Was the last paper you read online or in print form? How about the last article you read? When you want to know something, do you head to the library?

The answers are obvious.

We have moved to a digital society and expect to get our information on the Internet. Similarly, we’re open to being sold on the Internet. We’ve become completely accustomed to seeing banner ads, contextual ads, native advertising, PPC ads, and more. It’s a cultural phenomenon, and it’s one that digital marketers have taught their clients to embrace.

Social Became Our Communication Hub

“Wait a minute! Let me tweet that!” Sound ridiculous? Probably not. We don’t send letters anymore to our friends and family members. We post on their walls and retweet their hilarious 140-character observations. We add emoji hearts and smiles to their Instagram accounts. We send Snapchat texts that we hope really do become invisible in a few minutes.

In other words, we communicate digitally — and not just as individuals, but as whole communities. That’s where businesses come into play.

Now, corporations of all sizes, from the mom-and-pop diner on Main Street to the Fortune 500 behemoth on Wall Street, are talking with people on social media platforms. Digital marketing naturally followed, enabling us all to connect.

TV Isn’t the Same

Everyone used to gather around the TV. Now, families gather around laptops. If they do gather around screens, it’s to have a bigger view for their favorite Netflix or Hulu shows.

Television is a very different beast, and it’s being shockingly devoured by online entertainment content. Although most researchers don’t think that TV should be considered a full-fledged dinosaur, it’s definitely a changed creature.

The next time you stream a video on your computer, make note of the advertisements. They’re all part of a digital marketing campaign.

Harnessing the Digital Marketing Movement

Feel a little overwhelmed at how quickly it seems like digital marketing took over? It’s time to step into the moving current, rather than standing on the shore and hoping the river will somehow dry up. Start with small steps, and then build up to a full-fledged swim.

Digital marketing is one movement that isn’t a fad. It’s a long-term trend, and companies that don’t take their digital marketing seriously are headed for the rapids. So throw on your life jacket and jump in. The water’s fine.

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