How to Use Twitter to Advertise Your Business

February, 01, 2017

Have you been toying around with the idea of using Twitter to advertise your business, but you’re worried you might not be able to do it correctly? Don’t fret. There are some tried and true methods of using Twitter to improve your brand recognition, inbound lead generation processes, and sales.

We’ve outlined several of the smartest ways that businesses are thriving with the help of the Twitterverse.

  1. Start a Robust Twitter Page

First, it’s smart to have a Twitter page for your company. If you don’t currently have one or if you’ve allowed yours to go dry, start it up again. Make sure the picture is representative of your company, and have your logo front and center. If you’re a small business, it’s fine to use an individual’s picture. But if you’re a larger organization, you’ll want to use your logo in lieu of an employee’s image.

  1. Complete Your Twitter Profile

Don’t allow anything to be blank in your Twitter profile because it needs to be fully fleshed-out for people to understand what you and your company is about.

  1. Start Posting

Begin adding posts and engaging with other Twitter users. Remember that you have 140 characters, so you might as well make them count. Plus, you can always add images.

  1. Go for Hashtags

Not feeling inspired to tweet from your own mind? Take 10 minutes and see what’s trending. Does anything catch your eye? Can you jump on a hashtag bandwagon and show a little corporate culture flavor?

Your goal shouldn’t be to suddenly get an influx of followers. Instead, use this exercise as a way to build some recognition.

  1. Invent Your Own Hashtags

Want to see if you can get some stickiness out of your own hashtag? Try it, but make it interesting and not directly promotional. Most hashtags that do well are either funny, thoughtful, or topical.

  1. Check out the Competition

Definitely check out your biggest competitors’ Twitter pages to see what they’re doing, who they’re following, what they’re tweeting and retweeting, etc. You may find some interesting insights, especially if they seem to have a good handle on how to maximize Twitter for their business.

  1. Start Directing Traffic to Your Site

As you build a following, you can begin to direct your followers to your website. For instance, do you have an exciting new product or service? Tweet about it and then add a link to its page at your website — you could always create a special landing page for this purpose. As soon as your blog posts go live, let the world know they’re available for viewing.

  1. Promote Twitter on Your Website

Make sure users who visit your website can see your tweets in real time. Offer a live feed of your Twitter, which can encourage users to follow you.

  1. Consider a Twitter Ad Campaign

Twitter offers promotional advertising opportunities, and they might be right for your needs. Not only will you end up reaching more people with contextual ads, but you could gain new followers, too.

The key is to create ads for Twitter that look like normal tweets. Don’t go beyond the maximum number of characters or vary from the appearance of a tweet. More people will be drawn to your ads without realizing at first they’re promoted materials.

Excited about the possibilities? Twitter is definitely one of the untapped markets that’s slowly coming into its own for savvy businesses. You have to be flexible and open-minded to stay on top of Twitter, but if you can master it, you might just consider it a gold mine.

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