10 Best Internet Advertising Agencies

The best way to grow a business on the Internet is to advertise it, and there are many ways to do so. Internet advertising agencies are masters at their craft, and can allow you to advertise your website, your online company, and your storefront online, and help to increase website traffic and increase revenue.

Whether you have a small business or an expansive enterprise business, Internet advertising should be a part of your growth strategy. Some of the most popular Internet advertising strategies for any business include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC), email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. You can even advertise your business with a great website design!

However, it can be difficult to choose the right Internet advertising agency for you. To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best Internet advertising agency that can help take your brand to the next level.

Rank Company  Location Website
1McCann EricksonNew York, NYGO TO SITE
2Sid LeeNew York, NYGO TO SITE
3WebFXHarrisburg, PAGO TO SITE
Los Angeles, CAGO TO SITE
6Advanced Media SolutionsTurlock, CAGO TO SITE
8Straight NorthNew York, NYGO TO SITE
10Booyah AdvertisingDenver, COGO TO SITE

Online advertising FAQ

Q: Which online advertising strategies are right for me? 

A: There is nobody that knows your company better than you. That being said, we can’t suggest a cookie-cutter solution to every business when every company’s needs are different! Each web advertising strategy is different, and is implemented to accomplish different goals.

That means that you should read up potential online advertising strategies that you’re interested in order to decide which ones best fit your company’s goals and budget.

Overall, every web advertising strategy will bring some benefits to every company, but there are some that will work better than others for certain industries. SEO however, is an advertising technique that is extremely effective for any industry — as is PPC.

Q: How long do online advertising strategies take to drive results?

A: There is no way to tell exactly how long a campaign will take to drive results, but depending on the strategy, we can make rough estimations.

SEO, an extremely effective web advertising strategy, takes longer than many other advertising strategies to start working. However, when it does — it is perhaps the most beneficial strategy. You’ll have to wait for a few months for an SEO campaign to kick in!

PPC on the other hand starts working instantly!

Other strategies like email marketing, social media advertising, and web design are somewhere in between, depending on things like how often you send emails, how often you post on social media, and how much traffic your website receives.

Q: Why does my business need online advertising? 

A: With more than 3 billion people currently using the Internet, your company is essentially losing valuable customers if you’re not advertising online.

Online advertising allows you to meet those 3 billion customers where they’re already looking — which is on the Internet.

The goal of web advertising is to ensure that you increase website traffic, which leads to increased conversion rates, higher ROI, and a greater brand awareness. All around, online advertising is a great way to find, target, and advertise to your target audience – making it one of the most effective advertising strategies.

With traditional styles of marketing, like flyers, TV commercials, and billboards, you’ll still be able to reach a large number of people, but are those individuals the most likely to purchase your products or services? With online advertising, you can target your most valuable customers so whoever sees your website is looking for your products or services — increasing the probability of a conversion.

With an advertising company, you can reap all of these benefits!

10. Booyah Advertising


Booyah understands their clients’ goals and they work to provide just that. They’ve already worked with an impressive list of clients including Old Navy, Beaver Creek, Discover, Banana Republic, GAP, and more.

Booyah provides a hands-on approach to their advertising service by committing themselves to their clients. They go so far to offer custom reporting and regular meetings to analyze results and collect feedback.

They provide clients with a PPC strategy, PPC audits, click-to-call, shopping engine comparison, contextual marketing, Gmail targeting, search retargeting, search syndication, and more.

9. Tech Wyse


Tech Wyse works with a process they’ve dubbed the “smart plan cycle,” which ensures every client gets creative ad designs that drive traffic to their website. They prove their success with careful measurement and regular testing.

The agency understands the importance of getting a brand’s message in front of their clients’ customers. To do that, Tech Wyse offers a long list of Internet advertising strategies to ensure that brands advertise successfully.

Tech Wyse specializes in PPC to promote clients’ brands in search engines. They also provide display advertising, retargeting, and social media advertising to help increase brand awareness.

Their capabilities have already served many impressive brands including Clera, Jiffy Self Storage, Coja, and Killarney Lodge.

8. Straight North


Straight North is a full service Internet marketing agency that specializes in Internet advertising. They’ve served an impressive list of clients including Blue Pay, Crane 1, Connelly Electric, Microfluidics, and Quadro.

They use three main types of Internet advertising: retargeting, contextual targeting, and site targeting.

When retargeting, Straight North serves their clients’ ads to users who have already visited their website. It’s a second opportunity for those clients to advertise to people who are already interested in the company. Contextual targeting is the keyword-driven version of this strategy, and site targeting displays ads on other relevant websites for the same purpose.

Before they start implementing advertising tactics, they have a tried-and-true process that helps get the best results for their clients. Starting with the research phase, get a feel for who their client’s target audience is, what they’re marketing, and even provide a campaign audit.

They’ll continue their process by developing a strategy, producing display ads, creating landing pages, tracking results, testing progress, optimizing for any gaps in the strategy, and finally presenting the strategy to clients.



A business that first started as Batten Company in 1891, BBDO has grown to 289 offices in 80 countries worldwide.

They have been named agency of the year numerous times by Advertising Age and AdWeek. They’re also known for filming the first commercial in space. Adding to their impressive resume, they’ve served brands like Pedigree, Mercedes-Benz, Guinness, and Nestle.

They provide their clients with ads that connect with viewers, including visual ads, video campaigns, mobile apps, branding, and more.

6. Advanced Media Solutions


Advanced Media Solutions knows that customers love to search online before they buy a product, which is why they’re dedicated to making the best Internet advertising campaigns for their clients.

Their ad services include mobile visibility, local business listings, reputation management, site retargeting, search retargeting, and social media management, which all work together to get the most conversions for their clients.

They’ve already provided incredible results for their many clients.

5. Forza Migliozzi


Forza Migliozzi got its start in 2007 and has since served 402 brands. Their expert strategies have earned up to 28,500% ROI for clients including Nike, Audi, Subaru, New York Yankees, and Porsche.

They are a full-service advertising agency that’s driven by client results, especially when it comes to connecting a clients’ target audience.

Their services include everything from creative to analytics and everything in-between. They offer brand identity, logo development, collateral, graphic design, packaging, event marketing, public relations, SEO, and social media marketing, just to name a few of their many services.

4. R/GA


R/GA started by putting design first while creating film, video, and motion graphics for their clients. Today, they’ve served clients like Nike, ESPN, Verizon, McCormick, and Samsung.

They provide everything a company could need to advertise their brand, starting with brand design. Then, R/GA combines the work of their designers with business consultants to allow for a clear view of a brand’s unique vision. They also provide the visual design, production, copywriting, and presentation of a brand’s campaign.

3. WebFX

WebFX is one of the best advertising agencies around.

They know the importance of advertising online and make successful online campaigns a priority for your business. Speaking to their success, their clients typically see a 20% increase in revenue, and they have a 89% retention rate. Their clients are obviously some of the happiest you can find.

WebFX is home to about 150 employees and they’re located in Harrisburg, PA. Some of their clients include Dover Downs Casino, Cleveland Brothers, Safer Brand, Bar’s Leaks, and more.

2. Sid Lee


At Sid Lee, “transforming the consumer experience across all touch points” is “their thing.” They believe that there are no boundaries between marketing and advertising since customers are constantly interacting with some form of advertising, wherever they are.

Their 5 offices around the world are made up of 600 employees that have provided results for clients including The North Face, Ubisoft, Samsung Galaxy, National Bank, and Yellow Pages.

Their Internet advertising services include video advertising campaigns and more.

1. McCann Erickson


McCann Erickson is obsessed with the idea of truth, and how it’s the only way to create believable ads. Based on their clients’ needs, they’ve been able to run relatable ad campaigns for brands like Microsoft, MGM National Harbor, New York Lottery, and Coca-Cola India.

They start by doing market research with their clients to understand each client’s competition. From there, they’ll continue with producing a strategy, planning the campaign, and discussing creative elements.

Their digital capabilities allow clients to integrate their brands into social environments, extend their brands with captivating design, and create mobile apps to satisfy customers. They also provide content creation, experience design, interactive design, proprietary performance analytics, and more.

How do I choose the best online advertising agency for my company?

As a business owner, you want your Internet advertising agency to be in the best hands. By choosing any of our top 10 best agencies, you’re off to a good start. But how do you choose the right one for you?

Internet advertising connects you to your customers. So you should first look for an agency that seeks to understand your brand. Without the willingness to connect with your brand, it’s unlikely that your business will be advertised in a way that reflects your beliefs and culture as a company.

You should take time to research the capabilities that each agency has and make sure that they offer exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re a brand that is only concerned with creating top-of-the-line that will drive your brand straight to the top, focus on finding an agency that specializes in video.

Lastly, strive to find an agency that feels like a good partner. You’ll likely be working side-by-side, and without an outstanding business partner, your campaign will stall. Your Internet advertising strategy will have better success when you enjoy the agency you’re working with and vice versa.