Top 20 Digital Agencies

Digital agencies pride themselves on how they provide reliable online marketing services to their clients, but what makes for the best digital agencies in the business? Drive, passion, creativity, company culture, client satisfaction, and quality work all play a huge role in how a digital agency is seen among its peers and among clients alike.

But there’s also that unnameable it factor that sets certain agencies above the rest, like a je ne sais quoi of digital marketing. These agencies go above and beyond in terms of client satisfaction – making sure they leave no stone unturned when creating the perfect digital strategy. They’ll be transparent with their clients, provide analytics and updates for the success of their campaigns, and they may even treat you to coffee at a client meeting every once and a while.

If you’re looking for the best in the business, look no further. On this page, we’ve compiled a list of the 20 best digital agencies in the world, and their portfolios prove it. Though not every agency will be a perfect fit for your business, this will surely provide a handful of wonderful options.

Rank Company  Location  Website
1WebNet CreativesNew Delhi, INGO TO SITE
2WebFXHarrisburg, PAGO TO SITE
3AnsiraGlobalGO TO SITE
4Droga5New York, NY | London, EnglandGO TO SITE
5Creare CommunicationsUKGO TO SITE
6Revana DigitalSan Dimas, CA | Los Angeles, CAGO TO SITE
7iProspectGlobalGO TO SITE
8W4Santa Monica, CAGO TO SITE
9Gragg AdvertisingKansas City, MOGO TO SITE
10Single Grain Digital MarketingLos Angeles, CAGO TO SITE
11TopRank MarketingMinneapolis, MNGO TO SITE
12HugeGlobalGO TO SITE
13Ogilvy & MatherGlobalGO TO SITE
14Launch Digital MarketingNaperville, ILGO TO SITE
15JellyfishBaltimore, MDGO TO SITE
16Mass AppealNew York, NYGO TO SITE
18HudsonSaddle Brook, NJGO TO SITE
19BluetextWashington, D.C.GO TO SITE
205W Public RelationsNew York, NYGO TO SITE

3. Ansira


With offices all over the world, Ansira is a marketing company that offers a wide spectrum of services.

They are known for creating strategies that are based on statistics, allowing them to get real results for their clients based on measured data and facts.

To allow their clients to become closer to their audience, they offer business and customer strategy, customer engagement planning, customer intelligence, marketing science, and optimization.

They also offer data audits throughout their client relationship to keep clients informed about what’s happening currently with their campaign and what will come next. They help to draw a road map to help clients execute custom strategies, along with utilizing programs such as Google Analytics, SproutSocial, and Google AdWords to get the best results. On top of that impressive list of services, they also offer website development, paid search, social media marketing, SEO, programmatic media, email marketing, and more.

They’ve worked with Baskin Robbins, BMW, Coca-Cola, and Ford.

2. WebFX


WebFX is one of the best in the industry. To date, WebFX has provided more than $1 billion in revenue for their clients and the numbers continue to grow. Not to mention, their 422+ testimonials prove that they’re the real deal.

They provide their clients with cutting-edge marketing strategies like lead generation, PPC management, email marketing, online media buying, reputation management, CRO, web redesign, and so much more.

They’re known for their unique company culture, which encourages passion, tenacity, and positivity. The company says these values translate to better results for their clients and credit it for their radically high client retention rate of 91%.

They’ve worked with companies such as Cleveland Brothers, Ceramcor, CJ Pony Parts, and Havahart.

1. WebNet Creatives


WebNet Creatives offers everything you could need in a digital agency. Their team has a collective experience of over 100 years and they’ve served over 555 clients since 2006.

They specialize in web design, data visualization, web application development, brand management, online advertising, social media marketing, digital analytics, and more, and have delivered over 1,055 projects for their clients.

They’re known for working with companies such as Halliburton, Cat Club Casino, Intex, and Olympus.

How to find the perfect digital marketing agency for your business

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose a digital agency that you believe will handle your company’s marketing campaign successfully, and as we mentioned at the beginning of this page, not every agency on this page will be the perfect fit for your business.

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when deciding.

You should do extensive research before you decide on any one agency – you should understand their values and their goals for their customers, and decide if they are a long-term partner that you could work with to improve your business. Visit their website and research their company culture, how they interact with customer comments, and whether or not they provide useful information on their website.

You should also read testimonials and reviews to see what other businesses think of their services. This will prevent you from signing a contract with an agency that is known for mishaps in a certain area or one that doesn’t communicate well with their clients. Testimonials are one of the best ways to decide whether or not an agency is right for you because it’s living proof of how they’ve performed for other businesses in the past.

Your agency of choice should provide all of the strategies that you are looking to use in your marketing campaign, and be dedicated to their quickly evolving industry. They should exude a passion for their craft and be dedicated to providing the best results for their clients.

What makes a digital agency the best?

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes a digital agency the best of its kind. Of course, it has something to do with the results they drive for their clients, client satisfaction, and professionalism, but there are a few other things that make a digital agency the best.

1. They care about your business as they care about their own

When a digital agency takes on clients, it’s their job to make sure that you feel like you’re part of the family. They should make you feel like they will do whatever they can to ensure that your goals are accomplished (within reason), but also be honest and up-front when your goals are too lofty.

When you sign with an agency and turn your digital marketing over to them, they should make you feel comfortable with the strategies being used, and create a “partner” relationship instead of a “client” relationship. You should feel like they truly care, and that your campaign is important to them.

2. They are upfront about budget and results

The best agencies will be honest with you – they won’t sugarcoat the fact that your goals may be a little too lofty for the time frame provided, or they won’t try to make it sound like they can earn your business millions in revenue overnight.

Matter of fact, if an agency does make it sound like they can earn you thousands overnight, you should probably run the other direction. Results take time and the best agencies know this.

They’ll also be honest with you about pricing, and there will never be any hidden fees. A good way to gauge whether or not an agency might associate hidden fees with their services is if they don’t publish their pricing online. This oftentimes means that an agency will withhold pricing information until the very end, which is when you get a surprise list of hidden fees for your campaign.

3. They’ve been around for awhile

The best agencies haven’t been around for a year or so – they’ve been around for at least a decade. You know an agency is great when they’ve had time to impress many clients with their work and build a framework for the best business model within their own agency.

An agency that’s just getting started likely won’t have the experience necessary to impress your company, and they might not be able to drive results either.

How did we choose the agencies on our list?

We didn’t just draw from a hat the agencies on our list. They have tons of amazing qualities that make up the best agencies in the world. Here are some of the reasons we chose the agencies that we did.

1. They have an impressive client list

The agencies on our list have impressive client bases – meaning they know how to impress the best of the best. When you do your research, you’ll see that the agencies we’ve provided likely have a few clients that you know and even love.

2. They provide great results

The agencies on our list wouldn’t have made it there without driving great results for their clients. These agencies have increased website traffic, created amazing website designs, created fabulous content, and even increased revenue for their clients.

3. They know how to communicate

Communication is key in any relationship – especially the relationship you have with your internet marketing company. These guys know how to communicate and will let you know how your campaign is working every step of the way.


Though it can be tedious, it will be well worth it when you find the perfect digital agency!