What Role Does Digital Marketing Play in Your Business?

February, 01, 2017

You have a place in your business for all kinds of processes, but is digital marketing one of them? Many companies place digital marketing under an all-encompassing “marketing” umbrella when it really deserves its own consideration.

What role does — or should — digital marketing play for your organization? There are several.

Inbound Lead Generation

No one ever lamented that they had too many inbound leads. An inbound lead is anyone who finds their way to your company, such as by seeing a retweet in their Twitter feed or being exposed to a Google AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement about one of your products.

Converting inbound leads requires a sales funnel, but without the inbound leads, the sales funnel is meaningless. The more inbound leads, the better your overall numbers.

As a lead gen source, digital marketing provides powerful opportunities for you to interact with potential customers. From staying active on social media to developing retargeting campaigns, you can maximize your virtual foot traffic and build your prospect and customer base.

Brand Building

Do you ever feel like your branding is getting lost in all the online chatter? Digital marketing can help you stay in front of your target audience, building your brand and educating the public.

To brand your business, you first need a strong brand culture and image. In other words, you have to define your chosen brand and make sure every aspect of your company resonates that branding. This may take the advice and assistance of web developers, but it’s necessary before you can actively start brand-building.

One of the secrets of branding is to seem like you’re everywhere at once. Digital marketing can strategically put you in places where you’ll be noticed. For instance, you may want to focus part of your digital marketing on developing stronger relationships with your social media followers. This will help with user-generated content (UGC), whereby your brand is exposed to new people through followers/fans.

Over time, a digital brand awareness campaign will boost your sales through a natural association with your company and your products/services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are you currently ranking in the top 10 pages on the major search engines for quality keywords? If not, digital marketing can help you find out why. Then, you can deploy SEO techniques to get your website where you want it to be.

Using frontend and backend SEO measures, you can systematically improve your rank for chosen keywords. SEO isn’t a one-and-done digital marketing strategy, though. It’s quite fluid, especially as popular culture and language changes. That’s why constant tracking of analytics, as well as thorough analyses, are part of the equation.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

You’ve worked long and hard to gain the trust of your customers. How are you going to keep them from fleeing to your competitors?

Again, this is a place for digital marketing.

Digital marketing controls all your digital customer touchpoints, including emailed newsletters, reminders of abandoned shopping carts, special coupon texts, and more. These touchpoints exist to build a stronger foundation between you and customers who have already shown an interest in what you offer. Ecommerce businesses are especially fond of using digital marketing in this manner.

It takes much less money to continue to sell to the same customer than to acquire new ones. Don’t skimp on the time, energy and investment dollars you put into customer satisfaction and retention.

Start at Square One

Even if you’re not a start-up, you can always begin with a fresh slate when it comes to digital marketing. Yes, you may have to make major changes in the way you think about your business, but it’s going to pay you back. The digital market is only getting stronger, and that requires you to be agile. Stay on top of digital marketing, and you’ll be amazed at the difference in the quality of your leads, the way they respond to you, your online reviews, and your general presence in the marketplace.

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