Ogilvy & Mather Reviews and Ratings


Ogilvy & Mather is one of the oldest marketing and advertising companies with an impressive 450 offices around the world.

Their capabilities include numerous branches of marketing, communications, user engagement, and analytics.

First and foremost, O&M provides quality advertising solutions through extensive research and customer insight. They offer experiential marketing, digital marketing, and search marketing, just to name a few.

The company is also experienced with brand identity creation, which helps “bring your brand to life” via their creative designers, writers, and artists.

O&M also has internal and employee communications services that allow clients to learn how they should talk with their employees to foster the healthiest employee/employer relationship.

Speaking of a good employer relationship, O&M also wants their clients to have a good relationship with their retail shoppers. To encourage such relationships, they offer retail space design with displays and in-store events.

Not only do they offer retail design to help clients interact with their physical customers, but they also offer customer engagement for any kind of company. Customer engagement allows clients to provide a “personalized customer experience with the brand” and increase the potential that clients become long-term.

Other services offered by O&M include CRM, crisis management, digital production, and strategic planning.

Some of their most impressive clients include Comcast, Caterpillar, NASCAR, LG Electronics, and Intel.

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