Awards and Achievements

As you start visiting agency websites, you may notice that many of them have information about awards they have received on their homepage. Award-winning digital marketing agencies are usually very proud of these accomplishments and will do everything they can to show off all they have achieved.

the best agencies will have multiple awards

Benefits of working with an agency that has many awards

When you work with an agency that shows off many awards proudly, it is a display of what they’ve achieved. Not only that, but it means that they’ve been in the industry for a while, and worked their way up to earning tons of awards for their prestigious work.

By looking at an agency’s awards, you’ll be able to tell what services they really shine at providing, and it can help you get a better idea of whether or not they’re a good agency to work with for the services you’re interested in.

Having many awards in many categories means that the agency is well-rounded and is really a one-stop shop for everything marketing. It can also tell you that they have a dedicated department to each of their services – especially if they’re winning awards for things like design, SEO, or content that take different skill sets to be good at.

Should you think badly of an agency without any awards? Not at all! New agencies may just be getting noticed for their work, and may not have even entered in any competitions or become eligible for awards because of their young age. However, these firms should still have some kind of achievement to speak of. Whether it’s being named as a significant contributor to their community or acknowledged as a great employer in their area, they should be able to tell you what makes them great.

You should also avoid being sold simply on the fact that a digital agency has won many prestigious awards. Companies who win awards for great design may not have the skills you need to get your social media presence where it needs to be, and agencies who have won trophies for stellar development may not be able to create a content marketing program that will drive sales. Look for a company who has an array of awards and achievements in multiple fields. Otherwise, you may feel the need to hire two companies to handle your marketing work… and that can get expensive fast.


photo credit: Patricia Mellin via photopin cc