Affordable Pricing

Although online marketing can require a big investment, there’s no reason that you should be overcharged by an agency for simple services like website maintenance or copywriting. When you’re comparing agencies, you should definitely look for one that offers affordable services.

Well… unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy. A large majority of digital marketing firms actually don’t publish their pricing on their website. (You may have even noticed this while you were reviewing a few of the websites in our list!) Most companies ask you to contact them for a quote, or to set up a phone call before you get their rates. So how can you make an informed decision without this information?

cost is important when picking an agencyMany agencies deliberately keep their pricing off their website so that they can try to sell you on their plans and services before discussing cost. If you’re really impressed by them, or convinced that they’re the right partner, you’re likely to say yes — even if the prices are higher than they should be. Other firms choose not to publish their pricing because they don’t want their competitors to know what they charge. That way they can avoid being undercut or outbid by a client considering multiple agencies.

No matter why this has become the norm, we chose to give extra points to those in our digital agency rankings who made their pricing available up front. We like this kind of honesty, and think you will too. By making pricing available immediately, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about whether or not an agency is worth your time — without wasting any of it. Who wants to sit through an hour or two of sales pitches before finding out that a potential partner is just too expensive? Not us!

Having said all that, there is really no industry standard for pricing on SEO, social media, content marketing, and other common digital agency services. So what is “affordable” is up to you. Before making a decision, examine your marketing budget closely, and try to decide what you can afford to spend each month on the services of an agency. This will allow you to cut out the companies won’t work with your budget before you waste any time.

photo credit: AMagill via photopin cc