Jellyfish Reviews and Ratings


Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Jellyfish is another full-service Internet marketing agency.

The agency provides services such as analytics, brand awareness building, email marketing, PPC, SEO, social media marketing, website design, and more.

For their analytics services, Jellyfish uses leading platforms like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to ensure their clients get the best results possible.

Jellyfish also wants to understand their clients’ brands so they can better personalize each marketing strategy, and they want to make sure clients’ brands look and feel just right. They’ll come up with a personalized business strategy that shows clients how their brand will develop over time and review each client’s brand history. After coming up with the perfect strategy, Jellyfish will get to work on making a concrete, well-known brand with a client.

CRO is another big part of Jellyfish’s approach to ensuring that their clients’ websites are the best of the best. Using multiple CRO tactics, like competitor analysis, and A/B and heat map tests, they navigate clients through consultations, research, recommendations, and possible next step.

The agency also specializes in email marketing where they send relevant content to qualified recipients, introduce a successful strategy based on client goals, and track performance to ensure quality results.

Along with email marketing, Jellyfish also offers PPC and SEO, which help clients advertise in paid search and rank higher in search engine results, respectively.

Last but not least, Jellyfish also offers services that improve user experience. In the website development department, Jellyfish researches a client’s current user experience, designs improvements to website elements, manages content, and even hosts client websites.

Some of their most impressive clients include CARFAX, Under Armour, Skype, Toshiba, FitBit, and Beaches.

Interested in the rest of Jellyfish’s portfolio? Check out their website for more information.