Creating Brand Awareness With Digital Marketing

February, 01, 2017

It’s a simple fact of business: If people aren’t familiar with your brand, they’re not very likely to seek you out or make a purchase. That’s why you need a thriving digital marketing strategy to make sure your company’s name stays at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Think that only huge corporations with millions of marketing dollars can gain attention and traction? It’s actually doable for businesses of any size. You just have to make and execute a plan based on what has been proven to work.

The techniques aren’t earthshattering, but they will keep your name trending upward. Over time, you should see an uptick in inbound sales, conversions, and — the most coveted measure of all — revenue.

Jump Into Social Media

It’s time. You’ve had a stagnant company Facebook page for far too long. And your Twitter feed? Does it really say your last tweet was from 2015? Let’s not even talk about Google+ or YouTube.

Social media is one of those platforms that emerged before a lot of organizations could catch their collective breaths. If your business is one of them, you need to take action.

First, start posting regularly. Make the posts engaging and fun, and don’t stick with the sales hard-sell. That’s boring, and followers see right through it. Plan to devote some time to answering social media questions from customers and potential customers. Turn it into an extension of your corporate culture, and be active.

At the same time, buy ad space. We’re not talking about banner ads, but rather native advertising. These are the posts that blend in with users’ newsfeeds, but are actually paid for by your marketing dollars. They’ll help boost your momentum, and make it seem like you’re everywhere on social media at once.

Get Your PPC Moving

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a fantastic way to improve your branding. When users search the Internet for specific keywords, your advertisement will have a placement. Will it say “ad”? Absolutely. But that doesn’t matter. It will be one of the first things consumers see.

Want to know why this works? It’s the same reason you can’t stop singing that song you keep hearing on the radio during your morning commute. When you’re exposed to something again and again, you tend to be able to recite it. The same thing happens with visual branding. As people become accustomed to your brand, they’ll begin to naturally associate you with certain markets.

By the way, PPC advertising doesn’t have to cost a bundle, either. It’s an economical way for companies to expand their reach.

Push out Content

There’s a reason so many companies are in a hurry to push out amazing content: It works!

With billions and billions of pages on the Internet, you might be surprised to know that people still want new things to read. Give them what they want!

Your content can be in any format, including blog posts, guest-written articles, podcasts and transcripts, press releases, videos with transcripts, social media snippets, infographics, free PDF downloads, and much more. As your content hits new audiences, you should see a swing back you can measure.

Remember that if you’re not controlling the outbound flow of your content, you’re not controlling your branding.

Focus on SEO

Wait, search engine optimization (SEO) is a part of digital marketing branding? Absolutely!

For the same reason you want possible customers to see your PPC ads, you also want them to see your organic search results. This means going through your website and cleaning up any SEO errors. In the process, you can make sure your brand is upheld throughout the site, including on your blog. Many times, sites aren’t well-constructed, and they inevitably send mixed branding messages.

By comprehensively focusing on your SEO, you can help raise brand awareness on the web.

Not sure you’re ready to tackle these commitments in-house? Find a web development team to do it for you. It will be money well spent, and you’ll reap the benefits of better recognition.

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