8 Advertising Blogs to Inspire Your Campaign

February, 01, 2017

Inspiration. It can be hard to come by, especially when you’re on a deadline to complete that advertising campaign.

When you have come to the end of your creativity and need a boost of knowledge, insight and camaraderie, head to any of these advertising blogs. They will help you get your groove back.

  1. Seth Godin’s Blog

Seth Godin’s name, image and brand are synonymous with genius. No wonder his blog is a mecca, and he has considered influential in the spheres of sales, marketing, advertising, and everything in between.

Don’t expect long-form content from Seth. He is to the point and makes his case within a few paragraphs. You can literally spend three minutes reading this blog and come back to your project with a fresh outlook.

  1. Social Media Examiner

Research, tips, and timely subjects are the hallmark of the Social Media Examiner. With a magazine feel, this site gives you the opportunity to explore specific areas of your profession. Searching through the litany of recent and archived posts is a snap.

The one downside? There is a lot of advertising, but it’s often for interesting and unique workshops, conferences, and free downloads. That makes it worth the scrolling.

  1. FFFFound!

If your mojo is driven by images instead of words, or if you just want to cool your brains instead of reading through line after line of text, FFFFound! is the blog for you.

FFFFound! is a basic repository of eclectic visuals curated from around the Internet. Some are inspirational. Others are confusing, and many will leave you flat. But isn’t that what investigation is all about? One caveat: These images may sometimes be edgy and even NSFW, but agencies often use the site for ideas.

  1. What Happens in Media Planning

Sometimes, a laugh is all it takes to pull you out of the doldrums and back into hyper-creative mode. What Happens in Media Planning focuses on GIFs that are send-ups of common problems advertisers face. You’ll find yourself nodding at familiar scenarios.

When you’re starting to feel like the world doesn’t understand you, this is the blog you need.

  1. MarketingProfs

At MarketingProfs, you’ll be able to browse through a collection of well-written pieces that cover everything from burgeoning technology to customer behavior to market segmentation. It’s a very organized site, so navigation is never a problem.

If you have a particular issue you’re struggling to resolve, this may be the perfect landing place because you can key in on ideas and answers fast.

  1. Adverblog

Adverblog has a different vibe than publication-style blogs that are set up in a more methodical fashion. You get the sense that the Adverblog writers are just throwing together their trains of thought and writing timely posts about anything and everything.

You can’t help but be drawn in by the interesting stories, which give you a true taste of international advertising and marketing.

  1. Ads of the World

Looking for a collection of fascinating advertisements from all parts of the globe? Grab a one-way ticket to Ads of the World. You’ll feel like you’re taking a trip around the world in just a few minutes.

It’s amazing how much you can learn about other cultures from their advertising. Whether you’re working with diverse clients or not, Ads of the World is a great resource.

  1. Hubspot

Though Hubspot is the eighth inspirational blog we’re discussing, it’s one of the first spots many ad business pros turn to for imagination. Hubspot writing is crisp and concise, and it’s a little more research-based than many of the other sites.

This isn’t just a place for you to revive your tired mind. It’s also a place for you to learn more about your craft. Plus, if you’re looking for justification for a project element — hey, sometimes bosses and clients need a little persuasion — you can probably find stats and stories to back you up at Hubspot.

Never allow yourself to assume your ennui toward work will last forever. Take a break every day and enjoy some much-needed stimulation.

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