5W Public Relations Reviews and Ratings

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Headquartered in New York City, 5W Public Relations offers more than just public relations. They also offer integrated marketing, strategic planning, reputation management, digital marketing, and social media.

5W is known for working with a wide spectrum of niches including beauty, foodservice, home goods, wellness, government relations, and non-profit. Whatever  niche a client wants to engage, 5W can do it.

The agency also helps create custom events for their clients to boost their brands’ awareness. They even handle the creative concepts, planning, and production to take clients’ events from start to finish.

On top of that, 5W offers insight into brand positioning, messaging, industry research, and professional analysis to make sure their clients stay ahead of their competition.

5W understands the importance of their clients’ reputations too, so they offer an array of reputation management strategies from microsite creation to search saturation.

Some of their most impressive clients include Walgreens, Welch’s, L’Oreal, Guitar Center, Krups, Medifast, and GoHealth.

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