5 Examples of Fantastic Digital Marketing

February, 01, 2017

Most of the time, digital marketing campaigns are pretty unremarkable. Then, there are those that burst forth with an energy that can’t be missed.

Whether you’re new to the digital marketing experience or you’re looking for inspiration, you’ll find it in the five examples here.

What commonalities do the examples share?

  • They’re fresh and interesting.
  • They look at digital marketing from a unique perspective.
  • They stick with you.
  • They showcase creative.
  • Their success can be measured.

Interested? Read on for these five fantastic digital marketing campaigns.

#1: Dallas Pets Alive!

We all know that pet shelters are, unfortunately, plentiful. How does one stand out from the rest? For Dallas Pets Alive!, it’s with Adoptable Trends.

Instead of giving adoptable dogs typical names like Spot or Sparky, they actively choose trending Google topics. The result? You’ll see names like World Poetry Day, Feel Better Harrison Ford, Betty’s Still Got It, and Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet.

Crazy? Perhaps. Perfectly wonderful? You bet.

According to the case study on their site, this digital marketing strategy is working for them — and the four-legged friends they love.

#2: Girl Scouts

Who hasn’t tasted Thin Mints® or Samoas®? Those cookies are synonymous with Girl Scouts. But what happens when you don’t have access to a seller in your neighborhood?

This problem was solved by a simple digital marketing solution: Develop a cookie finder app and promote it. The app allows you to keep the tempting treats flowing with a few touches of your smart phone screen. It’s a brilliant answer to an issue that was getting many people’s cookie crumbs in a twist!

As a side benefit, Girls Scouts raised tremendous brand awareness through their push of the app.

#3: Uber

You might have forgotten that at one point in time, there was no Uber. There were taxis and limos. That’s it. Then, Uber decided to change the rules.

Uber’s premise was to use a digital marketing strategy similar to that of the Girl Scouts. One app could do everything from get a qualified, background-checked driver to paying for the ride — anywhere. At the time, nothing like it existed.

The really amazing aspect for Uber was that people shared their Uber app stories. It was a perfect storm of user generated content (UGC) mixed with deliberate digital marketing strategies.

We all know how the story ended. Today, you don’t grab a cab. You turn to Uber.

#4: Dollar Shave Club

Dare yourself to watch the Dollar Shave Club launch video — sort of edgy, so put on the headphones — on their homepage without cracking a smile.

Dollar Shave Club took a completely original tactic. They were going to create the most obnoxious, interesting, weird, wonderful video possible. The gamble paid off, and it went viral.

While not all videos have the ability to gather buzz, this one did. And it was digital marketing at its raw best.

#5: Straight Outta

Maybe you noticed the Straight Outta memes. You probably assumed that they were generated by consumers.


They were all part of the marketing plan for the movie “Straight Outta Compton.”

The digital marketing strategy was straightforward: Get people to engage with the brand, which in this case was the film. With a #StraightOutta hashtag, the momentum was instantly social media ready.

Was it successful? Absolutely. The meme kept gaining popularity and finally trended in a big way at once. It was a well-orchestrated movement that produced interest. Who doesn’t like to share their stories? It tapped into human vanity and the need to be noticed expertly.

What does the future hold? There’s little doubt that companies are developing digital marketing playbooks right now that will become absolute standouts. Perhaps your business is one of them?

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