2017 List of Best Digital Advertising Agencies

Digital advertising is one of the most competitive industries in the world – every company wants to be seen and found effectively and efficiently online. Coordinating all of the individual elements of an effective digital advertising plan takes a lot of time, energy, and effort — especially if you want to beat your competitors.

With different strategies like SEO, PPC, content marketing, and more, digital advertising takes creativity and knowledge to work effectively for your business. If you want the best results for your company, it’s important to hire a digital advertising agency that fits your budget, sees your goals, and works alongside you as a partner.

That’s why we created this list of the 50 best digital advertising agencies in the world. These agencies are the best of the best, and you’re sure to find one that fits your criteria!

The Best Digital Advertising Agencies of 2017

Below, you’ll find that list with each agency’s name, pricing, location, and other valuable information. With all of that at your disposal, you can quickly and easily find the best digital advertising partner for your business!

Rank Grade Company Price Level City/State Employees Website
199%Ogilvy & Mather$$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
298%Launch Digital Marketing$$$Naperville, IN26-50GO TO SITE
397%Jellyfish$$$$Baltimore, MD100+GO TO SITE
495%Huge$$$$Atlanta, GA100+GO TO SITE
594%TopRank Marketing$$$$Minneapolis, MN100+GO TO SITE
693%Single Grain, LLC$$$San Francisco, CA26-50GO TO SITE
792%Leap$$$$Cincinnati, OH51-100GO TO SITE
891%Blitz$$$$$Los Angeles, CA100+GO TO SITE
990%Ingenex$$$$Ann Arbor, MI51-100GO TO SITE
1089%iCrossing$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
1188%Rise Interactive$$$$$Chicago, IL26-50GO TO SITE
1287%Koozai$$$$London, UK51-100GO TO SITE
1386%Digital Surgeons$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
1484%Coast Digital$$$$$London, UK100+GO TO SITE
1583% 360i$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
1682%Fuel Online$$$$$Nashville, TN51-100GO TO SITE
1781%Latitude$$$$London, UK100+GO TO SITE
1880%Fathom$$$$$Valley View, OH100+GO TO SITE
1979%Passion Digital$$$$London, UK26-50GO TO SITE
2077%Leo Burnett$$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
2176%Wieden + Kennedy$$$$Portland, OR26-50GO TO SITE
2275%Batten & Barton & Durstine & Osborn$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
2374%TBWA$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
2472%We Are Social$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
2570%McCann$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
2668%Wicked Web$$$$$London, UK51-100GO TO SITE
2767%Hallam$$$$London, UK100+GO TO SITE
2864%RGG$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
2963%Saatchi & Saatchi$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
3061%Ideo$$$$$Cambridge, MA100+GO TO SITE
3159%Britannia Communications$$$$London, UK100+GO TO SITE
3258%DigitasLBi$$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
3355%Interbrand$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
3454%Foote, Cone & Belding$$$$San Francisco, CA100+GO TO SITE
3552%Mindshare $$$$$London, UK100+GO TO SITE
3651%Y&R$$$$Hamburg, Germany100+GO TO SITE
3749%Havas Worldwide$$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
3848%Carat$$$$London, UK100+GO TO SITE
3947%Fleishman Hillard$$$$$St. Louis, Missouri100+GO TO SITE
4046%Sid Lee$$$$$Montreal, Canada100+GO TO SITE
4144%August$$$$Brisbane, Australia51-100GO TO SITE
4243%Big Spaceship$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
4342%Weber Shandwick$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
4441%Ketchum$$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE
4540%AKQA$$$$Amsterdam, Netherlands100+GO TO SITE
4639%J. Walter Thompson Worldwide$$$$$New York, NY100+GO TO SITE
4737%Edelman$$$$$Chicago, IL100+GO TO SITE
4836%Forza Migliozzi$$$$Hollywood, CA51-100GO TO SITE
4933%Steak$$$$$London, UK100+GO TO SITE
5031%Razorfish$$$$New York, NY51-100GO TO SITE

Ogilvy & Mather

Ogilvy & Mather is known as one of the oldest marketing companies in the world. With their years of experience, the company has opened 450 offices around the world.

O&M provides their clients with marketing services in the categories of experiential, digital, and search, along with advertising services that are based on customer insight and research.

In addition to their marketing and advertising services, O&M’s communications services provide their clients with information they need to learn how to talk with their own employees in a way that will create a healthy relationship.

O&M also wants their clients to have a great relationship with their clients that have physical storefronts, so they offer retail design and customer engagement.

Other services include digital production, strategic planning, and CRM.

Launch Digital Marketing

Launch Digital Marketing, located in Naperville, Illinois, specializes in marketing services for automotive brands.

LDM knows that every client is different – including their needs and goals. To ensure that each client gets the individualized attention they require to build a great brand, they’ll receive a personal specialist that will work to craft their perfect online presence.

LDM provides search engine optimization services, social media advertising, content creation, and video creation.


Jellyfish is a full-service Internet marketing agency, and they definitely live up to their title – offering countless marketing services.

Jellyfish creates personalized marketing strategies for each of their clients so that each brand feels unique. Each client gets a one-of-a-kind strategy from Jellyfish that will increase brand awareness, conversions, and website traffic.

Their services include SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media marketing, and website design, to name a few. To ensure that each website has the highest ROI, Jellyfish also employs multiple CRO tactics including competitor analysis, A/B testing, and heat map testing.

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